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My Story

After YEARS of Sleep Problems, Discomfort and Agony, my life was transformed by Nikken's products and business,

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I now help others with health concerns. Do you know anyone who wants better health and sleep? Being a nutritionist in Grand Junction, CO and having studied health for almost 30 years I've never seen anything else help so many people worldwide. Contact me for a FREE consultation (970)261-4302

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Important to note! The testimonies are in no way to be construed as medical advice or an endorsement in any way by Nikken, Inc. They are solely the opinions of the people telling their story. Always check with your physician before starting or stopping any medication or starting a supplement or program. Nikken, the owner, distributor and developer of this website make or infer no medical claims or promise that others will experience the same results. FOLLOW ME on FACEBOOK!

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Tina Peters
(970) 261-4302
Nikken Independent Consultant

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