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Welcome! From your Independent Nikken Consultant

My back had been damaged in a boating accident in the mid 70's. Having found no relief and not a good night's rest since then, I had resigned myself to living with it until surgery was necessary. A friend from church introduced Kathy and I to natural technologies from a company called Nikken. After one night on their specialized sleep system, my back stopped hurting. 

We turned our home into a Wellness Home and over a period of months experienced noticeable changes in our well being.  Challenges with my worn out knees, acid reflux, diverticulitis, and arthritis were no longer affecting my daily life.  I did not expect those results and my doctor was amazed at the improvement.

More importantly our adult son, Matt, showed dramatic improvement in his quality of life and control over explosive disorder associated with his neurological challenges resulting from his cerebral palsy.  His short term memory improved as well as his physical appearance in holding his hands, his stance, and his gait. In addition his speech improved.  Needless to say we were and are very grateful for what has happened to him.

We have dedicated our lives to looking for opportunities to improve lives of others with the help of these amazing products. With every opportunity to introduce others to the benefits possible through Nikken products and the unequaled business opportunity, we receive the joy of watching other's lives improve.

What we found in Nikken is a group of people sincerely interested in our wellbeing both physically and financially. The Nikken team has a "We can do it together" philosophy that intends to leave no one behind.

I am grateful to have the opportunity to serve others as a member of Nikken's team.


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