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Nikken is the most advanced self care company in the world, focusing on sharing information for your improved quality of life with more vitality. The following videos are submitted as a demonstration of that focus. Please take a moment and watch them and let me know what you think about what you witnessed and where your interest might be in improving your life. You may register as a Customer at no cost to you and receive great value on all the Nikken products. You will find on our home page an offer of 25% off the price of qualified products placed on auto ship as a gift to you and to encourage you to be proactive in this mission to improve lives on a consistent basis. As a registered customer, you will have your own ID number and Password to use anytime of the day or night that is convenient to you. You may join our team of consultants making life better for thousands of people daily if you come to a place that is of interest to you. We look forward to your decision whatever it is and whenever you decide to improve your life. May you and your family be blessed beyond measure by this chance meeting and the time you spend here. John St. John 713-715-1842 cell (check out the YouTube for videos of interest to you)

This first video focuses on the challenge with our environment and Nikken's desire to share quality information.


With a strong sensitivity to our children as demonstrated in the first video, this presentation simply explains vital wellness.
Building on the first two videos, the follow presentation is an overview of Nikken's mission.

For a quick background and overview of the Nikken mission, my friend Rick Murphy posts this video.

Health is a Choice.   If you don't look at any other video on this page, please give yourself the gift of this information.
Life is all about choices we make.   Dr. Gary Linder gives information on the concept of Self Care and its importance to anyone who desires to have a better life quality


Dr. Michael Weintraub has done extensive research on Nikken products.  Anyone with diabetes, neuropathy, balance and other issues will find this very interesting.

If you are interested in your cardiovascular system's health, this video will be very helpful to you.
Water is essential to our wellbeing.  Find out why Dr. Gary Linder is so focused on sharing this information with you.
Find out how you can get the best night's sleep ever....every night and wake up rested and refreshed...and live longer with more vitality in the process.
Learn the bitter truth about sugar and a solution to help you minimize your craving for it...and loose some unwanted extra you in the process....or just have more energy and feel better maintaining.


Diminished bone health affects us in many ways.   Find out how Dr. Narin Naidu has addressed that world class issue with NO side effects and the side benefit of reduction of inflammation markers.
Dr. Narin Naidu shares the importance of Bio Replenishment  for your bones and over all health

Nikken is the world leader in magnet products for your improved life quality, performance and recovery.

What will your last ten years be like…and when does that clock start…it is worth thinking about.

Nikken is on a mission to make this world a better place.   If you have an interest in joining us in that mission we  would be honored to visit with you and share information to help you explore that decision.  Independent Consultants, like Kathy and I, evaulate the merits of a business before we decide to be part.   We chose Nikken as a venue to allow Christ to reach others through us and help them on many levels. If you have a heart to first help yourself and then others you might consider looking into our world further.   The following video is posted by a special friend, Dennis Williams, to help you look at the financial side of what blessing others with this information might do with focused effort not unlike owning any franchise and learning what those successful have done before you.    This video is about 25 minutes long and is posted only for those evaulating this business.
The video following the financial video is a quick, 5 minute overview from Rick Murphy to help you decide what you want to do.   
As a Diamond distributor with Nikken we are hear to help you do whatever you set your heart on.   
May God richly bless you this day and may you always as seek ways to serve Him each day.


The following video is a quick 5 minute overview of the Nikken world to help you decide when you are ready what your heart's desire is concerning what you have learned.   I am here to help you whatever your decision is.   You are appreciated and important to us in our mission to make this world a better place.   It starts with each person helping themselves to have a better quality of life.   What happens next is up to them.


Have a blessed day,


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Remember, "It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver. 

Pleases visit the "Shop Now " tab of this site for more information on Nikken's product line...Just like other online venues, you are only a few clicks away from what you desire. Blessings to you this day, jsj

John and Kathy St. John
Nikken Independent Consultant

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