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My Story


Discover it. Live it. Share it.

If you are like me, you love to discover ways to improve your health, you want to live it and you want to share that knowledge with those whom you love. I was raised in a family of traditional medical health care professionals and always felt well cared for, yet when I became an adult, I became curious about alternative methods for caring for my family. For over 23 years, I have worked in the health and wellness industry, consistently learning and experimenting with nature based products, technologies, modalities and holistic therapies. In 2014, I became fascinated with the ever-expanding world of bio-energetics and energy medicine, along with studying the body, mind, spirit connection.

Why Nikken

My mission is to teach natural pathways to excellent and optimal personal health, and in doing so, I hope to relieve some of the suffering I see in the world today.

Some reasons why I have chosen Nikken and can confidently recommend their products and wellness philosophy:

  • Brings nature indoors to create wellness homes where people can thrive and flourish to be their best selves
  • Nikken is one of the fastest growing companies in Japan and has a 45-year history in researching solutions for magnetic deficiencies syndrome  
  • PiMag® Water Technologies provide filtered, alkalinized, structured, mineralized and energized water solutions
  • Nikken Kenko™ Sleep System provides a combination of features that work together to enable better sleep, provide more rest and assist the processes of physical and mental recharging that form the basis of sleep
  • Whole food nutritionals for overall health and clinically proven bio-replenishment solutions for bone health
  • Personal development through “Humans Being More” training program which fosters growth, healthy mind and spirit
  • Offer savings and incentive programs for both customers and for those who want to become independent wellness consultants 
  • Collaborative culture with excellent leadership and training, so together we can positively impact health care in our communities and in the world
My Personal Testimony

In February of 2017 I began researching and experimenting with the Nikken products, and in May I began testing them on family and friends with amazing results. I personally have experienced many benefits using Nikken products. Most days I feel well and energetic, yet from time to time if I over use my body I will get tight hips and lower back discomfort. In the past I would need to use an ice pack or if the pain would get unbearable, then I would take a pain pill. Fortunately, I rarely needed to take pain pills. Now since discovering Nikken, I wear the MagFlex and Wrap, typically within a short time, I no longer feel discomfort. I have found this solution to be easy, convenient (no freezer or electricity needed) and very effective. The Kenko™ Seat is the best thing ever for long drives or sitting all day at a desk. Before using it, I always felt uncomfortable and sore during long trips. The magnetic seat helps to keep blood flowing, therefore less stuck energy. My other favorite products are the PiMag® Water and Pi-Mag® Shower, along with the Kenko™ Sleep products.

Fiver Pillars of Health

Nikken promotes wellness and provides powerful solutions through, “The Five Pillars of Health” (Healthy Mind, Body, Family, Society and Finances). Their products are very effective in helping to improve health body, mind and spirit. They also provide solutions for those who are looking to improve their financial health and for those who want to positively influence health care in our society. Many people are stressed about finances, which can negatively affect their health, sleep and family relationships. The "Five Pillars" is a balanced and holistic approach to wellness!

Why Direct Sales/Network Marketing

The network marketing distribution model is also called direct sales, referral marketing, relationship marketing and word of mouth advertising. This method of sales works beautifully if the product or service needs education and demonstration.

I discovered network marketing 28 years ago, and fell in love with this business model. Over the years, I have enthusiastically represented companies that offered products I was passionate about sharing with others. I achieved success with some, others not so much. I originally had a love-fear relationship with sales. I overcame my fear with my love and compassion for people. I am confident that what I have to offer those who are suffering can truly make a difference in how they feel. I am deeply grateful to have found this career path, because I love recommending products that improve health and wellbeing!

In talking with others over the years, I have discovered those who love this approach to distributing products and services, some who have tried it before, but were not successful and others who have never been involved, therefore do not understand this business model. Unfortunately, there are some who have had negative experiences or felt pressured to join a NWM company. This happens when a friend or family member has not yet developed the skills to promote their company in a professional manner.
In a perfect world no one would ever feel pressured to do anything they are not first internally motivated or curious about. The professional way is to invite others to investigate the company, products or business opportunity, so they can discover for themselves if it is a good fit for their health, life and their personal aspirations. If they are not interested, then most professional network marketers will be gracious and respectful, without being pushy or using manipulation.
For me personally, I have never felt pressured and have always been internally motivated to find a product, service or opportunity that would benefit me and my family. In 1989, I was a college graduate with a degree in sociology, a mother of a two-year-old daughter and I wanted nothing more than to stay home with her. My husband was working full-time and going to school part-time. We needed more income, so I was always looking for opportunities to make extra money. I was not seeking a 40 hour a week job, because my vision was to find a way to balance the needs of my family, to find work that was both meaningful and creative, along with giving me the autonomy I desired to design my own life.
One day while searching for a way to make extra money, I found an advertisement in our local Massachusetts paper about an opportunity to become a color analyst, (helping others discover what color clothes and make-up that would complement their natural coloring). The color pallets were computerized and customized, based on the four seasons, winter, spring, summer and fall. I knew I would enjoy doing this, so I had a yard sale to raise the money for the get started kit and then began my career as an independent consultant in sales and marketing. I fell in love with this business model because it gave me the freedom I so passionately wanted so I could live a home-based lifestyle.

The following is what I love most about marketing and promotions:
  • I love networking, meeting new people, connecting and learning from others
  • I love promoting products, services and solutions that relieve suffering and help people better enjoy life 
  • I love being paid by Nikken to train and empower others to become consultants and grow their wellness business
  • I love being paid what I am worth and earning residual income, rather than trading my limited amount of time for dollars
  • I love collaborating with others, acknowledging the strengths of each team member, so we can complement one another rather than competing
  • I love the autonomy and freedom to live in alignment with my values and the ability to design my own life
  • I love working with other heart centered entrepreneurs that want to transform health care, who desire to relieve sickness and suffering in the world
  • I love helping others experience wellness with the “Five Pillars of Health”

Domestic Violence Shelter and Georgia State University

In 2007 and 2008 I took a break from being independent consultant and accepted a job at a Domestic Violence Shelter (Evening Shelter Advocate) and later at Georgia State University (Catering Manager /Administrative Assistant). I am thankful for the opportunity I had to work in a nonprofit organization and an educational environment. The life of an entrepreneur can be a roller coaster ride and I was thankful for the stability both jobs gave my family during a difficult financial season. There were many aspects I enjoyed about my work, yet there were many aspects I did not like. After 8 years, I was ready to follow my heart and once again teach and empower others to discover the joy of a healthy lifestyle!
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Leslie Bishop
(770) 235-9421
Nikken Independent Consultant

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