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Nikken Weight Management Pack- Organic Weight Loss

The best organic weight loss program- the Nikken Organic Weight Management program has got to be my new favorite Nikken product. Cleanse and detox while losing weight? Yes, please!

You can feel good about putting these products into your body because it's a certified organic weight management products designed to meet your daily nutrient requirements. Your body gets all of what it needs without giving you additives and junk that your body doesn't need. 


Email Me Anytime

Please feel welcome to email me, anytime, if you have questions or would like to order as my Nikken customer. Products ship directly to you from Nikken and I always provide customers with the best discounts available. Enjoy browsing the Nikken website and ensure that you check out the 10-25% off Autoship option once you're signed up as my customer from the "Join Now" tab, above (free to be a Customer).

Best Nikken Supplements

Depending on your health goals, there's obviously some Nikken supplements that would be better for you than others. For example, the Bone Health supplements are an ecellent Nikken product for someone who needs a natural bone growth supplement or joint support. With any of the Nikken supplements, it's smart to be on them month after month, not just for a few days or weeks at a time. Consistency is key.

Here are the Nikken supplements that I find to be most beneficial as part of my daily routine:
  • Kenzen Vital Balance meal replacement mix (KVB shake)-- organic, pea protein, complete meal replacement, MCTs for fat-burning, small amount of calories, and the list of Kenzen Vital Balance health benefits continues. I often mix my KVB directly into water or almond milk, but it's versatile if you want to mix it into milk, juice, or a smoothie.
  • Nikken Jade GreenZymes organic young barley grass juice powder for a daily cleansing, detox green drink. So many health benefits of Nikken Jade GreenZymes. I always feel so good when I drink it and I definitely have clearer skin when I drink it daily!
  • Nikken Ten4 organic matcha green tea & new zealand kiwi natural energy drink powder. This is my mental alertness afternoon beverage of choice. I swear that I'm a better person for many hours after drinking this stuff (maybe I should drink it in the morning, too, so that all day people have the best version of me in their lives ;)

Best Nikken Products for Total Wellness

I have quite a few favorite Nikken products, but I've narrowed the list down to the products that I feel are the best Nikken products, in this article on my Nikken blog website: best Nikken products
Vital Sleep Pack Kenko Dream
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I run my Nikken business online, primarily by email, so please feel free to email me at your convenience. If you need a telephone call, please let me know in your email and I can connect you with my fellow Nikken Consultant who can phone you.

I always respond as quickly as I am able (which is usually very quick- unless I'm asleep under my Nikken KenkoDream Comforter!)

Thank you again for choosing me to be your Nikken Consultant!

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Replace Your Nikken Filters!

Daylight Saving Time is here — a great reminder to change your Nikken air and water filters! To ensure optimum performance, filters should be replaced at least as often as specified in the operating manual for your unit. Read more