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Advanced Magnetic Technology

Nikken Magnetic Technology has been developed in different forms: Field Gradient Technology and DynaFlux® Magnetic Technology. Each form offers different characteristics and is adapted to the appropriate products.

field gradientField Gradient Technology

Nikken products such as Kenko Comforters use bipole magnets, either singly or in a multiple magnet array.

The individual bipole magnets are precisely spaced. This arrangement produces a pattern of magnetic flow (flux lines) between the magnets and creates an uninterrupted field gradient — a landscape of peaks and valleys of magnetic energy that is considered ideal for a comforter.

Using spaced bipole magnets produces a surface with multiple polarity and flux, as the individual magnets create a complete flux circuit surrounding each unit.

dynaFluxDynaFlux® Magnetic Technology

DynaFlux Magnetic Technology positions magnetic surfaces with the same polar orientation, either positive or negative, opposite each other at multiple points. Interlocking construction holds these components in place, overcoming the repulsion generated by this arrangement. Placing separate magnetic fields in opposition produces a multiplier effect, increasing the magnetic strength and the depth of the field.


Static magnets compared to electromagnetic technology

One feature that all Nikken magnetic technologies and products have in common is that they employ static magnets.

A static or permanent magnet is a solid material that has intrinsic magnetism. As such, a static magnet retains its magnetism permanently. Static magnets are available in a variety of strengths.

In contrast, an electromagnet relies on an electric current to produce the magnetic field. Because electricity can create a magnetic field, this effect is also found in many objects that use electricity. This alternating (instead of constant) field is responsible for what is called electromagnetic noise. Many scientists and medical authorities consider electromagnetic noise to be potentially harmful to human health.

All magnetic Nikken products rely solely on static magnets, including those which employ electricity. The electric current is not used to create the magnetic field. The safety record of static magnets is well established.


Magnetic energy is part of the natural environment for all living things. Earth’s magnetic field is also recognized as a protective barrier against dangerous radiation from space.

The precise mechanism of action of magnetic energy on the human body is unknown, although numerous theories exist. Clinical studies have indicated that magnets hold promise in the development of new, scientific approaches to many of the challenges of modern life.

Magnetic Equalizing Technology is a principle based on the fact that human contact with Earth’s magnetic field has been disrupted and attenuated by the artifacts of modern civilization. This technology seeks to counterbalance that effect, and produce an environment that more closely corresponds to the natural magnetic field that has surrounded humans for millennia.


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