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Food for action, food for thought

Kenzen Vital BalanceNutrition shake mixes: there are many in the marketplace. Some are promoted as weight-loss meal replacements. Others are sold as energy drinks or supplements to ensure a balanced diet.

Not one of them can do what Kenzen® Vital Balance™ is designed to provide. Vital Balance does offer the same benefits as these others. Each 125-calorie serving is packed with 18 grams of protein and a broad range of vitamins, minerals and nutrients.

But Kenzen Vital Balance is the only formulation of its type intended as a functional food. A team of scientists developed Vital Balance to support biological functions that help persons of any age to remain healthy.

A number of essential, daily physical processes are targeted in this formulation. These include:

  • Weight management and fat burning
  • Support for cognitive (mental) sharpness throughout life
  • Tissue cleansing for elimination of toxins
  • Gastrointestinal and immune system health


There are other advantages in Kenzen Vital Balance — it’s all vegetable protein, an organic-based formula, with no artificial ingredients, added salt or sugar — but the functional characteristics are what make it an unprecedented nutritional innovation.

How it works

Kenzen Vital Balance contains medium-chain triglycerides. When ingested, the liver converts MCTs into ketones, and the increase in ketone supply triggers thermogenesis, burning stored fat for energy. These MCTs also help in appetite control.

Another effect of medium-chain triglycerides is related to brain function. Brain cells use ketones as packets of energy — and clinical studies have suggested that triglycerides are of value in addressing mild memory problems associated with aging.

Better than its predecessor, the Kenzen Vital Balance formula includes two additional organically-grown plant ingredients, open-cell chlorella and coriander (cilantro) that are recognized for their detoxifying potential. Contaminants are a byproduct of an industrialized society, and detoxifying is an essential daily operation.

There are also living organisms that we depend on for health. In our organs and tissues are probiotics — microbes that vastly outnumber our own cells — that help keep us alive.

Probiotic bacteria help break down food for digestion, and contribute to a healthy immune system. Kenzen Vital Balance includes strains of probiotic cells, which can also assist in weight management.

With all these advantages, it’s easy to see why Kenzen Vital Balance is accorded the unique distinction of being a functional food. And that once again, Nikken has created an entirely new category of products in support of a healthy lifestyle.