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Total wellness includes the chance to share it with others. Independent Nikken Consultants tell us what the business opportunity has meant in their lives.


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Compensation Plan Testimonials

"Our new compensation plan is really accelerating things. I'm talking to lots of new people who already are achieving Silver. Great things are happening out there! It feels mighty good to watch the numbers climb and realize that I've created something that now has a life of its own, that my business is growing independently of my own efforts!"

—Dave Johnson | Royal Ambassador

"With phase two of the enhanced compensation plan, we will be able to use all our existing Silver and above legs to achieve the rank of Platinum! On top of this, we are building more new Silver legs and developing our downline as well. We are thrilled that we are closer to Platinum than we have been for years – and we are on track to achieve it by early next year, if not sooner!"

—Daniel & Jean Brock | Gold

"Achieving Silver was so easy with only 12,000QPGPV required for rank advancement! I actually did it in just two months, and the products sell themselves because they are such high quality. Nikken University training showed me how to develop an income stream within my first month of business, and also taught me how to sustain my business in a very simple way based on the Autoship program. I'll be working now on building my next NBU, with the continued support of my amazing sponsor Julie Tara."

—Joe Bergin | Silver

"The value of the Nikken Autoship program is that it establishes a residual income to ensure our financial security every month. At the same time, Nikken nutritional and consumable products via Autoship help us to maintain our vital healthy lifestyle and energy levels.
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—Lynn Marie McCune

"As a massage therapist I felt stressed and strained from being overworked. I was looking for something that would allow me to reduce stress while working from home, and I decided to concentrate on Nikken as my primary source of income. Since the new compensation plan enhancements have made it easier, I made a goal to become Silver (achieved in July!) and put all my efforts into growing my business. Now, I'm focusing on working my Nikken business with my daughters and attending all the Nikken training events in my area, including the 2012 Leadership Conference. I'm having the time of my life!"

—Brenda Oord | Silver

"I'm looking for people who want to move forward with me. With the new comp plan enhancements, you only need 12,000QPGPV to advance to Silver. Wow! Not everyone is going to be a business builder, but if they start making money they won't drop out. I always tell people that this business is a good safety net to fall back on. You can do it in your spare time, and you never know how far it might lead. It's all up to you to motivate and push yourself.
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—Anita Auzenberg | Silver

Travel and see the world

Ann & Grant McNabb

"Nikken has given us the opportunity to travel and see the world — something we never had the time to do when we worked traditional jobs. Now, we work with people we enjoy doing something we love, and we get to help other people achieve the same level of freedom."

-Ann & Grant McNabb

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Lifestyle Bonus Program

Joan Spear

"Nikken helps pay for my car. I'm driving my third one!"

-Joan Spear

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Global Possibilities

Anna Kagan

"With uncertainty in the U.S. economy, being able to build your business in various countries, while changing lives at the same time is both smart and rewarding."

-Anna Kagan

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