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Nikken products have changed lives. Here are comments from people who experienced a dramatic improvement in wellness when they added Nikken products to their lifestyle.


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Kenzen Vital Balance®

Kenzen Vital Balance keeps me from feeling hungry, with more energy and I even feel younger.

Kenzen Vital Balance testimonials

PiMag MicroJet® Shower System

Why would you use your own body as a filtration device? That is why our PiMag® drinking water and shower system are both so important to us.

PiMag MicroJet testimonials


Rest & Relaxation

Kenko Naturest Sleep System
Kenko PowerSleep Mask
Kenko PowerBand
Kenko MagFlex®
Kenko PowerChip®


PiMag MicroJet® Shower System

Nutrition & Skin Care

Kenzen® Ciaga®V
Kenzen Vital Balance®
Bone Health Pack

Kenko Naturest® Sleep System

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Kenko Naturest Sleep System

"A good friend of mine has several children, including a 7-year-old daughter who was diagnosed with autism. Caring for her has been a challenge in this family, including the fact that she did not normally stay asleep at night. I gave my friend a Nikken mattress topper and told him to let her try it out. The little girl loved it and immediately began to sleep better. Next I gave them one of my Kenko Sleep System pillows to go with it. She loved using the pillow too! Her mother told me recently that using both items, she slept through the entire night for the first time! I cannot tell you the joy this story gives to me — helping this girl and her family is one of the great joys in being a part of Nikken."

— Don Thompson, Pasco, Washington


"At age 28 I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and twelve years later suffered injuries to my knees and lower back. As a result I was unable to get a good night's sleep. A friend found me on Facebook and gave me a Nikken rollout, and immediately afterward I had a feeling of increased strength, relaxation and energy. My friend let me borrow a Kenko Sleep System and try PiMag water, and Nikken products have truly changed my life. Today I have a Nikken Wellness Home — the best investment I have ever made."

— Cynthia Filippone

Dave Johnson

"History is in the making with the Kenko Naturest® Mattress Topper and Kenko Naturest® Custom Pillow. My first impression is that of sleeping in grandma's feather bed, enveloped in magnetic energy and support. It's like sleeping in the clouds with solid support, unmatched resiliency and unsurpassed air flow. The pillow is the ‘Goldilocks' of pillows—you can dial it just right."

— Dave Johnson

Mike DiMuccio

"The word I would choose to describe the Kenko Naturest® Mattress Topper is 'cozy.' I feel refreshed when I awake but it is just so comfortable that I'm reluctant to get out of bed. I'm thrilled with the science backing this new design and will be donating my Rubberthane products to people less fortunate and who can benefit from any level of Nikken technology."

— Mike DiMuccio

Sheri Clarke

"I got my new Kenko Naturest® Mattress Topper eight days before Convention. I was able to sleep eight to nine hours every single one of those nights. I am someone who has dealt with back issues for 14 years and never been able to lie down. With the Rubberthane technology, I was able to sleep three to seven hours a night. This new technology feels like arms wrapped around you that pull you into sleep. I have no problems lying flat and am really 'out' when I'm asleep. It's just been wonderful and people are already asking me for my story."

— Sheri Clarke

Pat Terry

"The Kenko Naturest® Custom Pillow is a home run! It gives people choices. You can sleep on the side without the tube if you like scrunching up a pillow when you sleep, and you can sleep on the side with the tube if you need extra support. And the Kenko Naturest® Mattress Topper allows us to sleep deeper and longer. We couldn't believe we could get even better sleep than we did with the Rubberthane mattress, but this new design takes a quantum leap. It is just so much more comfortable and provides even more restful sleep. My husband Mac is really experiencing some truly exciting physical relief when he gets up every morning, so we are both thrilled!"

— Pat Terry

Julie Tara

"My first night back from Convention, I slept fabulously on the new Kenko Naturest® Mattress Topper. I woke up and was ready to go. I particularly love the tremendous comfort and warmth — it's like being wrapped in your mother's nurturing arms as you lie down to sleep. It makes you feel safe in its gentle cocoon. To feel nurtured is hugely important to me. I'm also delighted with the pillow, as the curvature of the neck is so important. This new Kenko Naturest® Custom Pillow supports the neck exactly in the right place — it's the best Nikken pillow ever."

— Julie Tara

Kenko mStrides®

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"Recently I was given a car ride by the driver at my auto dealership, who told me that he was on leave from his regular job as a certified nursing assistant. The physical demands of that position had taken a toll. I lent him a pair of mStrides® insoles.

When I talked to him the next day, he reported that the mStrides were helping him feel better than he ever has before — and now he’s looking forward to resuming his work at the hospital and continuing his plans to become a physician. That surely made my day!"

— Agnes Narcisco

Kenko PowerBand®

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Kenko PowerBand

"I love the new jewelry. The PowerBand® has a great clasp that stays put. I like the way you can put the necklace band and the bracelet band together as well as intertwine them. They make great pet collars, especially for elderly pets.

— Fleeta Taylor, Spring Branch, TX

"I wear the PowerBand® day and night. They're so comfortable that I forget I have them on."

— Gail Silva, Calgary, AB

"My son is a chef and tried the PowerBand® necklace. He said it made his shoulders relax and his mind felt clearer. He could feel energy traveling from his head down to his shoulders. He's going to sell them to his friends. Then a bartender friend tried the PowerBand and said he could feel a tingle all the way down to his hips. He exercises a lot, so he bought the necklace. I believe the PowerBand will be helpful in building our Nikken business."

— Angela Patenaude, Biddeford, ME

"I personally wear the PowerBand® every day. It's very light and the magnets are smooth and never catch on anything. I really like the fact that the wrist band comes in two sizes—the large size definitely is comfortable for men."

— Lisle Meeker, Temple, TX

"I find that the PowerBand® really provides comfort to my neck and hands. It's fun to intertwine them and product different looks. Wearing them at the gym is good advertising for Nikken. People are asking about them a lot and it opens new doors to introduce Nikken."

— Mary Jouver, Bonney Lake, WA

"The older crowd has responded especially well to the black PowerBand®, but I believe the younger bunch will really like the yellow color. I had a nuclear physicist who was a total skeptic, try the PowerBand. He experimented with it by putting it on and then taking it off. He felt a noticeable difference in how he felt on the days he wore the PowerBand, so based on that, he wanted to buy it."

— John St. John, Sugarland, TX

"My wife and I are both triathletes. We find that the new PowerBand® is so versatile and flexible. The PowerBand necklace is not tight around the neck and therefore not constrictive—it's very comfortable. The wristband is constructed to last—the nylon shell makes it virtually indestructible during sports. We even swim with them on.

— Rob Mason, Penticton, BC

"My sons love the PowerBand®. One wears the black necklace and never takes it off, and the other wears the wristband. They're both teenagers and you know how difficult it is to ask them to do anything, but they know what makes them feel good and wear the PowerBand without being asked. My husband also has had really good results with the PowerBand on his wrist and wears it regularly, whereas he would not wear anything that wasn't completely comfortable."

— Christine Holland, Bonney Lake, WA

"I'm very excited about the PowerBand®. Putting them together to form a longer necklace or wearing them separately as bracelet and necklace is convenient. I'm getting improved benefits that I can feel. I have had a number of young people try the PowerBand and they just love them. They say they like the versatility and really like the ‘look." They're going to make a really dynamic launch!"

— Lisa Rosborough-Pfau, Bellaire, TX

"I'm happy that I can wear the PowerBand® necklace even when I'm in my hot yoga classes. I like the texture of the PowerBand because it doesn't get hot and remains comfortable throughout. I never need to take it off."

— Cynthia Schulz, North Vancouver, BC

Kenko MagFlex®

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Kenko MagFlex

"In my opinion the new MagFlex® changes everything. The technology is absolutely amazing. The original Kenko™ Flex was wonderful but the MagFlex takes it to a whole new plane — and the KenkoTherm® Back Belt really helps to hold the MagFlex® in place.

With the MagFlex I can work all day long and at the end of the day my back still lets me do things. I can even move from sitting to standing and back again without difficulty.

My wife Teresa works at a dental office and loves to wear the MagFlex while on the job. She says it makes her feel great."

— Mike Budvarson, Coeur d'Alene, ID

"I showed the new Kenko MagFlex® to another Independent Nikken Consultant while he was lending a hand at the local food bank. He asked if it would help his shoulders and upper back. "I'd like to see what that thing could do." I handed him the MagFlex® and he slid it into his T-shirt. He went back to helping out, and about ten minutes later he came over to me and said, "It works!"

A few days later I received a phone call from one of the people I had mailed a MagFlex®. She discovered Nikken in 1996 and is a devoted user of the original Kenko™ Flex back pad. She was more than ready to test the improved design. After trying it, she told me by telephone, "The lightweight aspect is wonderful and I love being able to rinse it off with warm water. Best of all, the results I received with it are so much faster than with anything I've used before!""

— Vance Rogers

"Love my new MagFlex®. I've been using it for a couple weeks. Awesome!"

— Jacque Pilkington

"Nikken has hit a home run with the MagFlex®!"

— Mark Smiley

"I have kept the MagFlex® on through the night and today. I am impressed!"

— Michelle Barger Smith

"Whenever I have lunch, dinner or coffee with people I ask them to put the MagFlex® on. I love seeing the smile and amazing results from them in such a short time."

— Gabriel Yee

"I've used Nikken products since 1998, and the new MagFlex® is much more effective than the preceding model. I even use the MagFlex® when I sleep!"

— Pinky Begnaud

"A lady asked if I thought that the MagFlex® might help her 94-year-old father. I said, Why not give it a try? I went to see him recently and he loves the MagFlex®, wears it under his shirt during the day and sleeps with it at night. He is very appreciative of the way the MagFlex has relieved his discomfort. His daughter says that for her, the MagFlex® is worth every penny to see the difference in her dad."

— Jerry Adams

Kenko PowerChip®

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Kenko PowerChip

"A customer told me, 'I was so delighted with the Kenko PowerChip®, I relayed my experience to my cousin in Toronto who immediately placed an order. With the PowerChip, he had satisfaction in his hands. I felt so excited, I shared this story with my friend in New York, and she also wants to try the PowerChip!'"

—Gabriel Yee

"I've used a variety of Nikken solutions for years. When I was offered a Kenko PowerChip® as payment for a Christmas tree, I immediately agreed. Now I pin it to whatever shirt I'm wearing that day and I literally jump out of bed in the morning. I never go anywhere without my Chip on my hip!"

— Marcia Hazlewood

"A few years ago I tore the ligaments in my left knee while playing in a tennis match. My problem is that I love to play competitive tennis and would play once a week. At the time my thoughts were, "How is my knee going to feel tomorrow morning and how will it feel after I play tennis next time?"

"I immediately put on my KenkoTherm® knee wrap, with two of the Kenko PowerChip® inside it. Within a few days my knee felt much better. So much that in fact I'm not wearing the support wrap anymore, but I keep these articles on my bathroom counter just in case.

"Once again I thank Nikken for continuing to improve these amazing solutions.'

— Jim Curry

PiMag MicroJet® Shower System

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PiMag MicroJet

Valerie Johnson"...I'm very excited about our new shower head..." Click here to view video

— Valerie Johnson


"Why would you use your own body as a filtration device? That is why our PiMag® drinking water and shower system are both so important to us."

— Ruth Loh

Kenzen® Ciaga®V

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Kenzen CiagaV

"There's nothing but an up side to the Kenzen® Ciaga®V. We don't make claims but we know there's only good to be had from drinking it. There's a preponderance of evidence that everything in it is beneficial."

— John St. John

"I love the taste of the Kenzen® Ciaga®V. I also commend Nikken on the packaging and design. Altogether, it's an awesome product."

— Angela Patenaude

"I have a shot of Kenzen® Ciaga®V ready for my husband when he gets home from work. We often have it as I'm getting dinner ready. We love the taste and drink it straight, but sometimes in the morning, I'll mix it in with the vanilla Body Balance. If I feel I need a little extra energy in the afternoon, I'll have an additional ounce."

— Sheila Lovell

"I know we have the best product on the market with Kenzen® Ciaga®V. I'm more enthused about it than the old product, because the açai and macqui put it over the top—nothing out there compares! I'm a registered nurse and do anti-aging work and believe that if you want to look good on the outside, you have to be good to your inside."

— Leslie Reasin

"Kenzen® Ciaga®V tastes better than Ciaga. It's tastes fruitier and doesn't have the bite of the old version. I like to take a one ounce shot of it in the morning."

— Bud Dunahoe

"I drink Kenzen® Ciaga®V every day and love the light feel of it. It's so good and yummy mixed in with the smoothie I make with the vanilla Body Balance. If I have CiagaV on an empty stomach, between meals in the mid-afternoon, it gives me a kick of energy that I can feel. I love this new CiagaV and think Nikken has done a great job on it."

— Janette Robinson

"My husband and I drink it regularly first thing in the morning. I like the fact that it has a high ORAC value, is organic and well-processed. Those things are important to me. I also like that it doesn't change color after it's been opened. We drink it daily and it's easy because we like the flavor."

— Elizabeth Thorn

Kenzen® Vital Balance®

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Kenzen Vital Balance

"I began using Kenzen® Vital Balance® in the morning, mixed with water. So far I’ve dropped 17 pounds and I went from a 38-inch waist to a 34. Trying out Vital Balance will quickly convert the biggest skeptic — in fact, most users are convinced after just one week that their bodies need and want this product. What do you have to lose or gain?"

— Joe Maxwell

"Kenzen® Vital Balance® is fantastic. I have felt more energy (and I have lots naturally), no cravings, no mid-afternoon hunger, no lag or energy drop, no bloating, more alertness, improved overall well being — and after using it for a little more than a week I’m four pounds lighter."

— Chris Weigert, Park City, Utah

"I’ve dropped 21 pounds in a month and a half! My energy level is higher, with no hunger — sometimes I have to remind myself to eat lunch."

— Richard Estes, Genola, Utah

"Drinking a Kenzen® Vital Balance® shake usually twice a day for one month, I’ve lost eight pounds, it’s increased my mobility (less weight on my knees) and I feel younger than I did before."

— Martha Sue Yeary, Texas

"Where as I was experiencing a lapse in energy in the early evening, after using Kenzen® Vital Balance® for only a few days, 11:00 p.m. came rolling around and I had to force myself to go to bed as I just was not tired. I am amazed that waking at 5:00 a.m. is now the norm and I do not get tired during the day.

"Overall I am able to maintain my focus longer and retain more data than before. I am not a loss for pulling things from memory and I just feel FANTASTIC all over. Really love returning to my optimum body weight without extensive exercise other than normal everyday walking."

— Mac McDonald, Lakewood, Washington

"I drink one or two shakes a day, made with water. I don't feel hungry, have an increased feeling of energy, sleep better, think my memory is improved — and without working out I have lost 22 pounds! That’s three pants sizes for me."

— Kristina Lehr, Little Elm, Texas

"This is much more satisfying than other shake mixes I have tried. With the others, when I drank them for breakfast the effect wore off before noon. I would crash and then get more energy from candy or caffeine. I don't need this with Kenzen® Vital Balance®. No energy crash, more mental alertness, better mood, and I lost 10 pounds in one month. It even saves me money — Kenzen Vital balance costs less than what I was paying for a combination of food and those energy pick-me-ups."

— Jeremy Greco, Texas

"A year ago I started using the original Kenzen® Body Balance, dropped more than 15 pounds and have kept that off — but then seemed to hit a plateau I could not get past. When I switched to Kenzen® Vital Balance®, following the same diet regimen I've lost another eight pounds. And I'm still going! Kenzen Vital Balance keeps me from feeling hungry, with more energy and I even feel younger."

— Paul Gabias, Kelowna, British Columbia

"I love Kenzen® Vital Balance® After using it for only nine days I've dropped six pounds! And following a simple diet plan, cutting out sugar and other diet destroyers, and drinking Vital Balance shakes, it's helped me get control of the sugar cravings. This is the meal replacement I have been waiting for — it contains everything we need and more!"

— Linda Morris, St. Petersburg, FL

"Our experience with Kenzen® Vital Balance® is very positive. After only eight days of drinking these delicious shakes for breakfast and avoiding sugar and flour in his diet, my husband Bob has lost nearly eight pounds, and one inch off his waistline. The drink is very satisfying and he doesn't experience hunger pangs. His meals for the rest of the day include vegetables, nuts, protein and plenty of PiMag water. He is very happy with the product and the results."

— Sue Gruber, Cuyahoga Falls,Ohio

Any weight loss is not promoted as representative and your results may vary. A weight management program includes a combination of reduced calorie intake, balanced diet and exercise.

Bone Health Pack

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Bone Health Pack

"Four and a half years ago I received bariatric surgery, which can lead to decreased dietary absorption of vital nutrients in some patients. This was the case with me — postoperative medical testing showed that my system was not processing necessary amounts of calcium, even though I make a point of eating calcium-rich foods. This situation continued and when I suffered a hairline fracture of the ankle in 2010 as a possible result, I became extremely concerned.

"In August 2010 I was introduced to the Bio-Replenishment concept introduced by Dr. Naidu and Nikken — which includes Nikken OsteoDenx®, Lactoferrin Gold 1.8® and CalDenx®. This is an all-natural approach, which was exactly what I wanted, and tears of hope rolled down my cheeks! Excitedly I added this program to my daily regimen in September 2010 and have been taking these products ever since.

"The most recent lab tests in December 2010 show that my calcium levels are now in the normal range! I will continue to use these products for life, because there is now an all-natural solution to help support my physiological requirements for calcium and other essential minerals."

— Diane Chanco