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Our story

Our Nikken journey began in 2000 when Eileen had a profound product experience. She had years of terrible neck discomfort and went to having neck full mobility and no discomfort at all! This was the answer to her prayers. 

When Eileen first used the sleep system she slept really well and remembered her dreams, which were more vivid. Being a night owl and needing to wake up at 5 a.m. she had always dragged herself out of bed but after sleeping on Nikken's sleep system she was not tired. Over the years, we have created a Wellness Home environment. We have a better quality sleep and have more energy. Our children also have sleep systems and benefit from our Wellness Home. We especially love PiMag water and the Naturest Sleep System! Our sleep is so much better.  Yours can be too.

 We invite you to make your home a Wellness Home. Join the millions whose lives have been changed for the better. Nikken products are a great investment in your health and comfort. 

Demostrating the power of Nikken's water technology
A simple, easy thing you can do to start taking control of your health.


A MUST watch if you want to lose your cravings for sugar or want to lose weight!


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Eileen & Marcel Pusey
(919) 916 9586
Nikken Independent Consultant

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